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We help company owners scale their business by automating the management of their brand.


One Platform, Three Modules, Multiple Benefits.


The Fact Finder Module is the perfect signpost to all areas of company communications.

  • Promote your company vision
  • Locate all presentations in one place
  • Manage your HR communications
  • Explain your company procedures
  • Access important contact details
  • Access templates for re-use
  • Outline your IT systems and protocols
  • Create menu structures and content that are only visible to external audiences such as clients, associates, partners and investors

Save time and money by increasing the levels of employee understanding in all areas of your business operations.

Are your newsletters too infrequent and difficult to manage? With Brand Manager you can post out regular notices without having to worry about the design or imagery.



Notice Board is a notification system that helps you to keep everyone informed of company activities throughout the year.

  • Keep staff, managers, associates and directors up to date with company news
  • Audit the frequency and quality of internal communications throughout the year
  • Promote achievements, new initiatives and future opportunities
  • Build and promote team culture
  • Keep clients, industry commentators, journalists, investors, suppliers, associates and partners up-to-date with minimal effort and cost

When companies share positive news on a regular basis they achieve higher levels of employee and client retention.

Unlike people, computers never get frustrated. Using Brand Manager will make awkward “can you remind me” questions a thing of the past.



Brand Toolbox gives you access to the master versions of your digital assets. Artwork files, master .ppt pages, branded templates, editable .pdf and Word documents can all be shared, downloaded and edited as required.


You will save time and maintain brand consistency by having all master artwork in one place and accessible online.

A Cloud-based Service

Brand Manager is a fully secure cloud-based solution designed to meet today's demands of a mobile workforce. All hosting is taken care of and it offers a stand alone system that can be set-up and operational within 24hrs.

A Structure Designed Around Ease of Use

Brand Manager features three separate modules each designed to streamline and improve your company communications with the minimum of fuss and cost.

Flexible and Competitive Payment Terms

Brand Manager is a licensed product with a very simple three-tier pricing model. There are no hidden costs and licenses can be cancelled with just one month's notice.

14 Day Free Trial

We offer a free 14 day trial so that you can see for yourself the significant cost benefits of using Brand Manager to manage your company communications.

Link to All Your Favourite Tools

Brand Manager can link to all your favourite tools. It can also be used to explain the value and importance of your digital tools to others within your company.

Brand Manager monthly license options.




  • Up to 5 users
  • 50GB storage



  • Up to 100 users
  • 100GB storage

If our Company license does not suit your needs then please contact us to discuss options.

10% discounts available for annual payments paid in advance

Visual Engagement in One Click

With Brand Manager you have access to any image you can think of in one click.

Beautifully crafted illustrations from the free library, Millions of choices from the licensed library provided by Getty Images or simply upload your own images.

No cropping, no licensing forms to fill in, no image size concerns. These are all taken care of automatically.

Companies in the phases of start-up, growth or exit can gain significant advantage by adopting Brand Manager's powerful suite of modules.

How your company information is structured and how you manage your brand will be judged by your present employees, future employees, shareholders, investors and potential buyers of your company - Brand Manager has been developed with a focus on these issues. Brand Manager provides you with a hub for finding information, sharing knowledge, delivering news and managing your brand assets for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Client Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.
    Is it secure?
  • Brand Manager is a password protected secure web-based tool that is hosted by AWS, one of the largest and most respected web hosting providers in the world.

  • Q.
    How long does it take to set up?
  • Brand manager can be set-up and ready to use within 24hrs.

  • Q.How is training managed?
  • The system is so intuitive that training takes less than an hour and can be conducted over the phone.

  • Q.Is there a demo model available?
  • We offer a 14-day free trial of Brand Manager with no obligation to purchase at the end of the trial period.

  • Q.What level of support do you have in place?
  • We offer free advice on all aspects of Brand Manager throughout the year. We also have an in-house team of designers, writers, artworkers, video producers, event planners, digital marketers and programmers that are very experienced in developing content for all audience types.