Brand Manager delivers brand consistency and improved communications for businesses who want to leverage value from their brand.

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Cloud-Based Solution

Brand Manager is a fully secure cloud-based solution designed to meet today's demands of a mobile workforce. All hosting is taken care of and it offers a stand alone system that can be set-up and operational within 24hrs.

Four Core Communication Modules

Brand Manager features four separate modules each designed to streamline and improve your company communications with the minimum of fuss.

Flexible and Competitive Payment Terms

For the features and functionality available, Brand Manager is one of the most competitively priced Brand Management tools on the market. It also offers a very flexible and transparent pricing policy. See the FAQ section below for more details.

30 Day Free Trial

To fully appreciate the refreshingly simple way in which Brand Manager can be used we offer a free 30 day trial. We set up your own fully branded online tool and talk you through the intuitive way in which you control all content.

Companies in the phase of growth or exit can gain significant advantage by utilising Brand Manager’s cloud-based platform.

How your company information is structured and how you manage your brand will be judged by your present employees, future employees, shareholders, investors and potential buyers of your company - Brand Manager has been developed with a focus on these issues.


The Comms Platform Module is the perfect signpost to all areas of company communications.

  • Promote your company vision
  • Locate all presentations in one place
  • Manage your HR communications
  • Explain your company procedures
  • Access important contact details
  • Access templates for re-use


Save time and money by increasing the levels of employee understanding in all areas of your business operations.


Fact Finder allows you to create questionnaires to improve internal and external communications.

External Comms
  • Find out more about a client prior to a meeting
  • Check level of understanding after a meeting
  • Check level of satisfaction with your company
Internal Comms
  • Check knowledge levels within your team
  • Encourage new ideas and thinking for employees
  • Communicate the value of your company culture and brand


By listening and acting on important feedback you will increase levels of engagement and respect from staff and clients.


Notice Board is a notification system that helps you to keep everyone informed of company activities throughout the year.

External Comms
  • Keep staff, managers, associates and directors up to date with company news
  • Audit the frequency and quality of internal communications throughout the year
  • Promote achievements, new initiatives and future opportunities
  • Build and promote team culture


The continuous and effective sharing of good news and important information will help retain key people.


Brand Toolbox gives you access to master artwork files and references from anywhere with an internet connection.


You will save time and maintain brand consistency by having all master artwork in one place and accessible online.

How agile is your business?

Clear communications within the workplace plays a significant role in running an agile business. This 5 minute questionnaire can help identify where improvements can be made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Brand Manager cost?
  • Licensed Fee Options

    1-25 Users - £200 per month
    25-50 Users - £300 per month
    50-100 users - £400 per month
    Beyond 100 users - Contact us to discuss

    One-off Payment Option

    No monthly fee and no limit on users - £10,000.00

    For all options, hosting and support is charged at £500 per year paid in advance

  • Is it secure?
  • Brand manager is a password protected online tool with additional top-levels of security available using secure certificates.

  • How long does it take to set up?
  • Brand manager can be set-up and ready to use within 24hrs.

  • How is training managed?
  • The system is so intuitive that training only takes less than an hour on average and can be conducted over the phone.

  • Is there a demo model available?
  • We offer a 30-day free trial involving the set-up of your own custom branded Brand Manager with no obligation to purchase at the end of the trial period.

  • What level of support do you have in place?
  • We employ a full time in-house team of designers and developers who can support all aspects of Brand Manager.

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Learn how to build meaningful and measurable Brand Value into your business

Your brand has a value and to build that value it needs to start with how effectively your brand is managed.

The starting point for building brand value is to make sure everyone within your company or organisation knows exactly what your brand stands for. Your staff and directors should all be well versed in your Brand Attributes.

Brand Attributes such as - The vision of your company, your values and what it is that makes you different from others offering similar products or services. If this is not widely known and understood in your company you will struggle to build the same meaningful and measurable brand value that highly successful companies enjoy.

People should know where to find the master artwork for your company logo to make sure there is consistency with how it is represented. Your house colours and fonts should be known by everyone and sales people should all have access to the correct presentations and marketing collateral to use at all times.

Staff should be kept-up-to-date on all company news and duplication of effort with reports and tenders should be avoided through the use of templates.

Policies and procedures should be understood and accessible via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to make it very easy for all staff to be knowledgeable on important aspects of your business.

You should be able to get constructive feedback from staff and clients on all areas of your operations and your HR department should be able to provide staff information direct to their mobile phones ensuring that important information can be accessed 24/7.

Your artwork should be organised and accessible from one central resource, key contact details should be available with the minimum of fuss and all staff should be able to see all the marketing activity that is related to the company or organisation they work for.

These are all fundamental areas of internal communications that company's need to have in place if they are to benefit from the value that a strong brand delivers.

That value being - The retention of talented people, the attraction of new talent, the streamlining of communications and the subsequent time saving involved in day-to-day operations.

And how can all of the above actions be implemented with the minimum of fuss and cost?

Brand Manager is that solution.

A solution that has been designed by the Art Department, a brand consultancy with more than 23 years experience in building brands for every type of company from SME's to global Enterprises.

The Company Behind Brand Manager

The Art Department is an award-winning Brand Consultancy with clients around the world. They have been trusted with the brand development and company communications for leading brands such as the Macallan Whisky and multi-billion dollar companies based in Germany and Norway.

With over 20 years in business developing brands and communication programmes the Art Department have brought a fresh and exciting new approach to helping companies manage their internal communications through the use of
Brand Manager.

Managing Barriers to Change

With our many years of Brand Building Consultancy work we have become well versed in the many areas of company communications and the challenges that directors and managers face on a day-to-day basis.

One such challenge is being able to get everyone onboard with a suggested change in how communications are managed. To help with this typical situation we suggest you read our Art of Brand Manager booklet which is available as a download here.

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